Azienda Agricola Bera Vittorio, Bianchdùdùi, Italy

Azienda Agricola Bera Vittorio, Bianchdùdùi, Italy

This wine is completely unique and it will never be repeated.

It started its journey intending to be a Moscato d’Asti (sweet sparkling from northern Italy). The wine was forgotten about and only discovered when it was 7% vol. (Moscato d’Asti can only be 5% vol) the winemaker was unsure what to do about it and so decided to leave it, and in that time the wine developed a veil (a layer of indigenous yeast on top of the wine) and it continued to very slowly ferment ‘sous voile’ for 15 years.

No one knew how it would taste but the result is incredible. The intensity is like no other - on the nose you can still smell the floral elements as you would expect from the Moscato grape but then once you taste the wine it brings you into a parallel universe of flavour.

When we first were offered the chance to try this wine we were sceptical and our mind changed instantly. Since then we have found that the Vittorio Bera family is known as one of the stand out producers in the region. They were the first estate to bottle and market its own wine in the Canelli region and the estate lies in Sant’Antonio di Canelli within the region of Serra Masio, the most prestigious and ancient of the area’s Moscato production.

They don’t piss around and nor does this wine.

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