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El Cabronet Tinto, Spain

Most people are put off by the branding of this bottle. The wine is really top notch though and I'd highly recommend anyone who likes a juicy Cab Sav/Merlot blend to go for this!

Penedes is a region just south of Barcelona that is more famous for its Cava production. Democratic wines are a run by two brothers who are trying to shake up the more traditional wine scene in Spain. Returning to their family vineyards after spending time exploring the world their edgy marketing matches their wines. 'El Cabronet' is a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend (which isn’t always popular in Spain due to being native French varietals). It’s made with great affection and the 57 Catalan expressions printed poke fun at various aspects of modern life - see if you can have a stab at guessing what each one means. Most importantly this is a cracking full bodied and juicy wine that I had to include in my Spanish case.. It’s really approachable and friendly full of fruit goodness but keeps its balance and complexity. We tried this with Marcus Waring’s bangers and mash and we in a very good place!

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