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Mondot, St Émilion, Grand Cru, 2000, Bordeaux

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Château Troplong Mondot are a pretty big deal (in the wine world). Their main wine fetches eye-watering prices and this is why we are excited to have a limited amount of their second wine ('second wine' refers to a second label wine made from cuvee and not selected for use in the Grand vin or first label. In some cases a third wine or even fourth wine is also produced).

What sets Mondot apart from other châteaux’s second wines is that the grapes come from the same vines as the 'grand vin'. Thus the wines share many of the same traits and characteristics.

So a little bit of history.... Château Troplong Mondot dates back to the 17th century. Around 100 years later, Raymond Troplong purchased the estate and increased its vineyards to today’s acreage (also giving the property his name). In 1936 the château was bought by Alexander Valette – a well known Bordeaux négociant – and it remains in the Valette family to this day. In 1985 Troplong Mondot was searching for ways to improve its wine an d decided the simplest way was more rigorous selection of grapes in the vineyard. This is when the second wine was born.  After many years introducing more and more environmentally-friendly farming techniques, the estate is increasingly moving towards organic farming practices.

St Émilion sits on the right bank of Bordeaux. This means that the wines aren't as full as their left bank counterparts (e.g Haut Medoc). The Mondot is a medium body wine not overly distinctive at first but we like that. It's soft and enticing fruit shows the greatness of this prestigious region. This isn't about the tertiary flavours such as leather or tobacco - this wine is about its integrity of fruit the whole way through the bottle. We paired it with slow cooked lamb and we didn't want the bottle to finish. 

We believe the 2000 Mondot is drinking beautifully now and will not benefit from further ageing and will take pride of place on any dining table.

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