Piquentum, Refosk, Croatia

Piquentum, Refosk, Croatia

Wine making isn’t a new thing in Croatia as it has been happening for over 2000 years!

With a thriving domestic market there has been little need for Croatia to export their wines but with tourism having boomed in recent times and quality levels much higher producers are increasing looking towards new markets (enter Flunder Wines).

The Refosk grape is more commonly know as Refosco and is often seen in north east Italy.

The Piquentum is full-bodied, warm, plummy and almost chocolatey with a noticeable undertone of oak running through the wine.

Pair this with Maria’s moussaka and you have a special match. The acidity works well with the tomato base and the intensity of the wine lives up to the sumptuous flavours.

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