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Segal, `Levant` Judean Hills, Argaman, Israel

Israel is located in the western Middle East (or Near East), at the very eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The modern Jewish state’s famously controversial borders were created in the wake of World War Two. Its wine industry has its roots in the late 19th Century but has largely developed in recent decades. The vineyards are located on well-draining heavy clay/Terra Rossa soils on a large plain in the foothills of the Judean hills, roughly 150m above sea level. The vines are trained using the Vertical Shoot Position trellis system and grapes were machine harvested.

The wine is deep ruby in colour with a purple hue. Aromas of ripe black fruits combine with a touch of oak on the nose. On the palate, this light-medium bodied, with flavours of red fruit, spice and Mediterranean herbs. It is well structured with smooth tannins and balanced acidity, with the red fruit flavours lingering on the long finish.

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Country of Origin: Israel
ABV: 12.5%