The Open Kitchen Wine Pairing

The Open Kitchen Wine Pairing

This week's pairing with The Open Kitchen is a juicy full-bodied Uruguayan Tannat to go with the slow-braised beef shin ragu. The richness of the ragu will work perfectly with this full-bodied but silky powerful red.

We first tried this wine out for a private online tasting. The result was unanimous - everyone loved it.

Tannat grows extremely well in Uraguay (originally from Madiran in France). It has a very high polyphenol count (think similar to the force in Star Wars).

This basically means its got a hell of a lot going on and is much richer and deeper than Cabernet Sauvignon for instance. This is the reason they have added Merlot to the wine to balance it out, and boy they balanced it out!

Rated highly and one of those wines that just disappears in front of your eyes. 

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