Wednesday 20th May 2020

Wednesday 20th May 2020

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Wednesday Zoom Session is back with Sherry! A dry sherry to be more precise.

Wednesday 20th May at 7:30 pm.

Throw your preconceived ideas about Sherry out of the window and join us for a tasting you will never forget.

The problem with sherry is that we associate it with grannies at Christmas. But here at Flunder Wines, we think it’s one of the best liquids on the planet.

During the tasting we will talk you through:
- a brief history of Sherry
- why the wheels fell 
- why it’s an incredible value
- the different styles
- the future of Sherry


You can just watch the session unfold off-camera or join in by asking questions or telling us what specific smell you find in the wine.

*Tasting price is per household and includes one bottle of sherry.

**Last order for this tasting will be Sunday 16th May.

***Delivery is inclusive.