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Weingut Hermann Ludes, Riesling, Klüsserather Bruderschaft, 1994, Spatlese, Mosel, Germany

The Mosel is the most famous of Germany's 13 official wine regions, and also the third largest in terms of production. As with many German regions, it is most associated with a range of wine styles made from the Riesling grape. The region follows the path of the Mosel river from its confluence with the Rhine river near Koblenz, upstream and south-west to Germany's border with Luxembourg and France. The banks of the Mosel are steep creating a perfect micro climate and growing conditions for the Riesling grape and the symmetry echos throughout the Rieslings reputation. The Klüsserather Brotherhood vineyard is located in the German Mosel wine-growing region and is a single vineyard in the St. Michel region. In the south-southeast to south-west oriented vineyards of the brotherhood, vineyards of around 186 hectares are cultivated. The slope of this location is between 25 and 60%. The steep slope provides the best conditions for fruity and mineral wines. The grape variety Riesling in particular is cultivated on the medium-deep clay slate weathered soil. With a cultivation area of ​​118 hectares, the Riesling  takes 63% of the Klüsserather Brotherhood site. The climatic conditions in the Klüsserath Brotherhood create the best conditions for wine growing. With about 700 ml of precipitation and 1500 hours of sunshine a year, excellent wines are made here. Weingut (winery) Hermann Ludes. Is a family owned operation has flown under the radar for decades for a number of reasons. One such reason being the fact that  the founder’s nephew who is responsible for the operation (also named Hermann Ludes), speaks no English and has made, over the decades, exactly zero attempts to market himself or to try and placate any whims or fashions, customers, exporters, importers or journalists. He has made his wines his way as he has spent a lifetime in his vineyards (how refreshing does that sound). A well respected Spanish wine maker (whose wines I stock) happened to stumble upon the Ludes winery during his time in the Mosel and set about helping make it more commercially viable. The result some incredible undiscovered Riesling that I have managed to source some of. This is a stunning wine which every sip of needs to be savoured.

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