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Planning your wedding can be a stressful time, but we can make sorting the wedding wine easier for you. At Flunder Wines we stock a wide range of red, white and rose wines that are perfect for your big day and you are guaranteed to find something to suit every guest and with FREE delivery across the UK and consume or return, you can't go wrong!

  How does it work?

Step 1
We want to offer you the best personal service. We find out what wines will suit your big day taking into account:
+ your food
+ time of year
+ guests
+ your preferences
+ budget!
And anything else.
Step 2

We go away and have a good old think about what will work based on your information and find you the very best options for your event at the sharpest prices.
Step 3
We arrange a free tasting at your convenience in person or on Zoom where we taste you through our recommendations.
Step 4

We confirm the wines and quantities and the free delivery details for your day.
We will liaise with the venue and generally be super helpful to fit in with your arrangements.
We offer consume or return for any unopened bottles.
Step 5

Take the first sip and let magic unfold for you and your guests. 

Did you know

wine was used in ancient times to seal deals?
Today wine can still be used this way. it’s a sign of respect and friendship when offered during a toast making it the perfect wedding drink.

Natasha Flunder

Natasha has been responsible for bringing events to life for over ten years. Her work spans from planning bespoke boutique weddings all the way to large corporate events. When Natasha isn't busy working out a new colour scheme, she can be found taking part in competitive shopping trips all over the UK. Your wedding or special occasion wines are in Natasha's safe hands.

Luke Flunder

Luke has over ten years worth of experience choosing wines for events. From the Hampton Court Flower show to intimate dinner parties you are in safe hands. Luke will leave no stone unturned to make sure he finds the perfect wines for your wedding day or special occasion to fit your budget no matter what the occasion.