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Hermann Ludes, Thörnicher Ritsch, Spätlese 2020, Germany (bottle price £19)

The Mosel is the most famous of Germany's 13 official wine regions, and also the third largest in terms of production. As with many German regions, it is most associated with a range of wine styles made from the Riesling grape. The region follows the path of the Mosel river from its confluence with the Rhine river near Koblenz, upstream and southwest to Germany's border with Luxembourg and France. The banks of the Mosel are steep creating a perfect micro climate and growing conditions for the Riesling grape and the symmetry echos throughout the Rieslings reputation. The Ludes family have been producing Riesling for generations the only problem is they have no marketing nouse so their wines were great but their labelling was non existent. A Spanish wine maker we know well stumbled upon the winery a couple of years ago and has helped them with the commerciality of the wines. The result is we have stumbled on an amazing parcel of wine that is as good as it gets for the price! We absolutely love this expression of the grape being super citrus with a tiny bit of spritz all balanced by wonderfully integrated acidity.  A truly fantastic expression of the grape and region.

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