Luke's Case - November = Greece

The owner Luke Flunder is surrounded by bottles of Greek wine and he is ready for a wine tasting session

Whenever we talk to our customers about Greek wine we have conversation that repeats itself time-and-time again:

Everyone who has had Greek wine loves it - the problem is they can't remember what they have had. Even taking a photo of the bottle doesn't always lead to success in remembering it either as it is usually in Greek!

So Luke's November's case is set to be a fantastic representation of the country from north to south. As well as this it is set to help make Greece just that little bit easier to understand.

In the case is:

- 3 x red wines

- 3 x white wines

- a simple guide to understanding Greek wines.

- recipes from a top Greek chef.

- a special Greek present specifically for this case.

- plus further 

- exclusive perks only on offer to subscribers.

So why not Greek it up....

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