The Origin of Luke's Case

Luke is the owner of Flunder Wines and he is proudly showcasing his monthly wine subscription box called Luke’s Case

Luke's Case is a project I have been thinking about and working on for quite some time now. During my time working for Majestic Wines I started to notice the disconnect between professional and casual wine drinker. I always had a rough idea of creating a case that makes understanding wine more simple and therefore drinking wine more pleasurable.

The Wines

Fundamentally the objective was to find fantastic wines that were stand-out expressions of the grape or region. This evolved by producing detailed tasting notes of the wines that I selected. 

The Country 

Before I joined Majestic I was working as a sub-editor in London. I wanted to use my skills to put together a booklet that makes that particular country easier to understand. 


A big part of my wine journey has been my love for food. I wanted to make pairing wine with food easier so I started to build up a collection of recipes to match with the wines and I use these in the case.

A surprise 

I think the 'unknown' is what makes wine so exciting. Every time we try a new bottle it could be our favourite wine for years to come. That's why I wanted to include a gift from the country the wines come from inside the case.

Now Luke's Case is in it's fifth month and we are having new subscribers hop on board the train it feels like the vision is now a reality!

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